By Scott Schweinfurth

Escape the 1980s is a rad 80’s escape the room game! Players have 60 minutes to use codes, clues, music, and retro tech to get “back to the future”

Escape the 1980s is an 80’s themed escape room near Independence Hall in Old City. I had heard about this room as soon as I moved into the area and was excited to give it a try. I thought a room dedicated to the decade of my childhood might be fun, and I was right!

Right off the bat, I knew I was gonna have a good time when the passes I received were designed after Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets. It was a great first impression. When I arrived, there was 80’s music playing and magazines from the era in the waiting room. Once my group was ready, we were introduced to the game by Max Headroom, one more indication of the fun we were had in store.

After getting our instructions, we walked into the first room which was a video store! The main theme of the escape room was to find a puzzle, find the corresponding movie on the shelves, pop it into the VCR and watch the scene queued up to learn what to do with the puzzle. Just about every movie from my childhood made an appearance, and I even got to talk to my favorite sentient car!

Overall, Escape the ’80s is a fun nostalgic room that even people born in later decades will enjoy, and those who lived through them will love!

4 out of 5 hands