By Scott Schweinfurth

Name of Game: Exit: The Sunken Treasure
Type of Game: Puzzle


Exit’s The Sunken Trasure game

Exit: The Sunken Treasure is an escape room in a box meant to be played in the comfort of your own home. It uses a booklet, a decoder disk, and decks of cards to simulate the escape room

experience. You will look through the book that has images and 3 decks of cards (the riddle deck, the answer deck, and the clue deck) to give you puzzles. Once you think you’ve discovered the answer to a riddle from the riddle deck, you enter the code you should have arrived at into the decoder disk which will, in turn, give you a card to look at in the answer deck, and if you get stuck, the clue deck will give you a little help.

I’ve done a few “escape room in a box” type games before and enjoyed a lot about this one from the “Exit” line. There were some very cool ideas and things I had to do that I don’t recall doing in other products. I also enjoyed the way the game double checked your answer. I also enjoyed that it wasn’t a pass/fail like some of the others, but rather you got rated based on how long you took and how many hints you needed. My only real frustration came from the idea to solve one of the puzzles (if you are going to say you are using Sign Language, then you should actually use Sign Language) and the fact that each game is single use only. Other products that I had done could be reset and I would give them to other people to enjoy, but you need to destroy/mangle too many of the items for that to happen with this game.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 hands.