By Scott Schweinfurth

Marvel: Universe of Super-Heroes features more than 300 artifacts, including some of Marvel’s most iconic and sought-after pages, costumes, and props. Spectacular artifacts to thrill both avid collectors, and casual fans—while immersive set pieces, soundscapes, and interactive elements bring the comic book world to life!

Cap and Winter Soldier!

Marvel: Universe of Superheroes started off in a small theater where we were shown a short film giving us Marvel’s origin story. Once it was done, I walked out into the exhibit and found myself surrounded by the stories of many of the characters I’ve been a fan of for so long. Starting with “The Human Torch” (the android, not the one from Fantastic Four) and “The Sub-Mariner”, the exhibit went through the conception, introduction and history of the many Marvel characters in chronological order, even taking the time to explain some of the real world events occurring at the time for context. Surrounding these explanations were concept art, blow-up comic book pages and even real copies of the stories I was reading about. Then, when we started getting into the era of the Marvel films, some of the costumes were also on display.

Costumes from Thor on display

Overall, I very much enjoyed the exhibit. Sure, I don’t think there was anything discussed that a rabid fan wouldn’t already know, but it was fun to put some of the characters into a historical context. I also really enjoyed the concept art on display, my favorite being a concept sketch of The Punisher wherein the margins they had written possible names for the character. If this exhibit comes to your town, I highly recommend checking it out!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 hands