Cross Roads Escape Games “The Hex Room”

by Scott Schweinfurth

“Can you survive a horror film? This murderous horror movie fan wants to watch you try. Each player will take a quiz before the game to find out which character they are: The Nerd, Virgin, Jock, Rebel, Prom Queen, or Detective. Your team will be divided up into separate rooms where you must work individually and as a team. Not only do you need to escape, but you must also survive! Who will live? Who will die?​”

In Cross Roads Escape Games’ “Hex Room“, you are assigned one of six typical horror movie roles and locked into your own individual room. You will have to work with the others (in their rooms) to get yourself past your personal locked door and then get everyone out of the building entirely. One of the coolest things about this game is the fact that you are separated from your team, but

Cross Roads Escape Games The Hex Room
With a logo like this, what could possibly be off about this room?

you are not alone. The rooms are all attached to a central hub which acts as one of the team member’s room who will work to pass information and items found to the person who needs it. Part of the excitement is trying to decide if something found in your room is meant for you or someone else. In addition to that, simply escaping isn’t your only goal, since every role has a locked box located somewhere with a “survivor medal.” If you fail to locate and open your box, you may have escaped, but you didn’t “survive.” This adds a fun level to the game since you need to balance solving your personal box (ensuring you live) with the team’s goal of escaping, and it doesn’t matter if you survive if you don’t find your way out.

The Hex Room is by far one of the best escape games I’ve ever played. During my first game, I was assigned the “Nerd” role (surprising no one) and my personal room was full of awesome
sci-fi references and puzzles. It really did feel like being in a horror film, and I’m proud to say that my team not only escaped, but we all opened our boxes and survived, joining the reported
5% that are able to do so. And yes, I did say my first game. Another amazing thing about this set up is that there was probably 50-60% of the area that I didn’t get to see or experience, so it
was extremely easy and fun to go experience the game again. My second game had me selected to be the rebel and it was a very different experience. They even changed some of the main hub puzzles so that I couldn’t just give the answer to our new detective.

Overall, Cross Roads Escape Games’ “The Hex Room” is an amazing experience that easily sits in the top 5 escape games I’ve ever played and that I always recommend to everyone!

I would rate this 5 out of 5 hands.