Ghostbusters @ Escape Room Live Georgetown
By Scott Schweinfurth
Type of entertainment venue: Escape room

It’s your first day as a trainee for the Ghostbusters when a disturbance causes a rupture in the containment unit allowing three of the most famous ghosts to escape! On top of that, the crew we know and love has vanished and it looks like it’s up to you to put those ghosts back where they belong!

There are a few escape games that have a big enough reputation that you hear about them even a few states away. Ghostbusters was one of those for me. I walked through the door of the game and

Escape Room Live Georgetown
Escape Room Live Georgetown

was delighted to find that everything I had heard was true. The decor was amazing! The escape room did a fantastic job of bringing to mind that famous New York fire station. I had stepped through the door and was gawking at the scenery when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man walked by the window and I remembered I had a job to do! From there we were following the hints left behind by the absent ghostbusters to get all the ghosts roaming around the building into a state where we could activate the trap and catch them again.

This escape game was fantastic. I loved walking around the room and just taking things in, but the game itself was fun, too. Getting those ghosts in the traps and finally back into the containment unit was a blast and one that I very much recommend as many people as possible experience!

I would rate this escape room 4 out of 5 hands.