By Shannon D

Price point: 3 out of 5 price

Rating: 5 out of 5 hands


I’ve been working at 5 Wits Buffalo for about nine months now and thought it was finally time to venture out of the 716 and experience a new 5 Wits location for a day. So I set out on a mission to visit our location in Syracuse. Located in the Destiny U.S.A mall, this 5 Wits location has variations of the three adventures that Buffalo has, plus the added bonus of the Espionage adventure (which was amazing by the way!). All that adventuring brought us to our next mission: food.

Our guide (shoutout Krista!) suggested we go to Cantina Laredo, a Mexican restaurant located just downstairs from the venue. Mexican cuisine being a personal favorite of mine was a natural choice, especially considering it was something different that we don’t have in Buffalo. The ambiance was classy and simple. The staff was kind and helpful, as they sat us right away and quickly brought out a bowl of fresh tortilla chips and a delicious salsa for dipping.

Once that salsa was devoured, the waiter was kind enough to offer us a spicier salsa for the next round. We took him up on the offer, but unfortunately, the hot salsa did not leave me as satisfied as the regular salsa did.

The highlight of the dining experience was the queso that we ordered. We chose the Chile con Queso and it blew us away. By far the best queso I have ever had! If you choose to go the other route and order the guacamole, they make it tableside for you and customize it to your preferences. While we didn’t order it for ourselves, it was a unique experience to witness as we watched it being made for the table beside us.

We had two entrees that we ultimately ended up splitting so we could try more of a variety. The two chosen entrees were the cheese enchiladas filled with cheese, onion, and chile con carne (served as 2 enchiladas) and the Chimichanga de Pollo which featured chicken, chipotle wine cheese sauce, poblano pepper, and topped with ranchera sauce. Both entrees were paired with rice and beans. Overall, both meals were delicious, but my personal

preference was the Chimichanga. It was full of flavor, heat, and was an overall perfect blend of flavors. While the enchiladas were good as well, they left me wishing I had a little something extra to add more flavor variety in them. Lastly, the prices were reasonable for a sit-down style restaurant.

Overall, I give Cantina Laredo 5 hands for delicious food and good service. If you’re checking out 5 Wits Syracuse, definitely make a stop here for some high-quality Mexican cuisine.